‚ÄčToday’s late breakfast from Toast Box inside pastry shop Bread Talk. The boiled eggs instantly wiped away the headache stewed by hunger. 

Some form of discomfort is brewing again from my temples. That’s what I get from drinking a second cup of strong black coffee. What can I say? I just cannot resist another round of my favorite poison. 

As I breathe in the scent of coffee and the fragrance of freshly-baked bread, I soak in good vibes of gratitude. I’m thankful that I made this morning’s appointment despite sitting for over an hour in heavy traffic. I’m grateful I can eat out once in a while as my thoughts drift to people who worry about their next meal. I’m glad I can even have the sense to be glad, when overthinking the bad can sometimes rule our days.

So, cheers! I raise my cup to life. May we always remember to breathe and seek it in each moment. Living, with its full spectrum of emotions and encounters, is a compelling thing.