Written on 14 February 2014.

Today I feel loved.  Not saying that because it is Valentine’s Day.  I feel loved every day by this one person who has stuck with me even when he has seen all sides of me, even the ugly parts that I myself cannot live with.  I am loved and I am lucky.

It’s been more than 11 years since we first met, yet it still feels like yesterday.  I still miss him when we’re not together, and I still feel giddy when I am about to see him.  I will always be thankful that our mentors referred us to our first jobs, or we would never have met.

So, yeah, on Hearts Day, I break some kind of rule I have and go all mushy online 😉 To ‘Bee’, my best friend and movie, walking and travel buddy, mahal kita.  Nawa’y hindi ka magsawa.  Magpakailanman.

IMG_0681 2


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