Walked along a tiny fraction of the Zambales coastline that morning.  It felt good to leave behind my colleagues and friends.  Sometimes, one has to seek his own company and stay there for a while.







I reached the south end of the beach after over an hour of walking and taking pictures.

I was alone.  I felt happy.  Mindful.  The sun was high in the sky and the heat teased my skin.  Sweat trickled down my back and I paused for a while to take a swig of water.


I thought about Bee and how much I missed him yesterday while snorkeling on this side of the beach.  He and I would have had our heads down in the water the entire time, taking in as much of the rich corals as that last hour before sunset would have allowed.

My teammates were busy taking pictures of themselves underwater.  I was busy admiring the marine life, and I knew Bee would have loved it, too.


I made my way back to the resort, went past it and walked all the way to the other more isolated tip of the beach.

There was not a soul in sight, just the grey sand and some fascinating rock formations on the shore.

IMG_8620IMG_8629A fisherman cautioned me about the dogs on the beach.  Having grown up surrounded by dogs, I saw that information as a treat rather than a warning.  I thought maybe I could befriend one or two, but they were not in the mood to either guard or play…

Except for this one.


After watching for a moment, I turned to leave and have a hearty breakfast at the resort.  It was time to go back to the company of friends.


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