Cake Bubbles

Doing laundry by hand can be an exhausting activity, but I love doing it anyway…well, most of the time. It allows me to look back at the week that was as each clothing reminds me of something I did in a day.

Tonight, I just finished more than a week’s worth of laundry. That’s also more than a week’s worth of memories, most of them spent outside walking or running.

Some clothes I had to soak first to make it easier to clean them. I poured some detergent into a deep bucket while water from the faucet slowly collected into it. I went out to hang some of the clothes I had already washed.

When I got back inside, a nice surprise greeted me. A huge amount of soap suds had formed at the rim of the bucket. I thought someone had brought in a big cake, or vanilla ice cream, to my laundry area.

There is nothing like a big cake of bubbles to bring out life’s simple joys.


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