Happy Thoughts

One of the ways to counter negative thoughts is to think of good ones. Thus, I am listing down things I should be, and am, happy about in my life. Really, I should count myself lucky and blessed.

1. I am here. Being alive and well is a gift. When I am not bitching about all the bad stuff–real, imagined or magnified–all I am is excited about the possibilities I have and can create in my life. Feeling excited is okay. It doesn’t mean that someone is lurking in the corner waiting for the perfect time to burst my bubble. If that should happen, that’s okay, too. The possibilities remain limitless.

2. I have a job. It’s not a bad one, either. In fact, it’s the perfect position in which to hone my people skills. My workmates are the best people I have so far worked with. They are most competent and professional, and…

3. I work with the best boss. In the six jobs and nine supervisors I’ve had, no one holds a candle to my present boss. She knows what she is doing and she manages people well. She knows how to motivate people. She is also fair, compassionate and understanding. What more can an employee want?

4. I have a job. Oh, I have mentioned that. Another good thing about this is it gives me the means to pursue the stuff I love doing. I have realized that while it is important to save, it is equally important, and it is all right, to spend on things that make me feel alive. So, this time, I am getting into that dance class, buying that Chinese textbook and that extra pair of shoes, joining those hiking trips, booking that plane ticket, getting my hair done (finally!) and eating out with friends…Well, among other things.

5. I have friends. I don’t know how I could have hung in there if my friends had not responded to my SOS. Sure, most of them I ‘spoke’ with over Yahoo or FB chat. But I know for sure I would have been lost without their sympathy and brutality to knock some sense into me. It must have been exasperating to be confronted with a gloomy face quite often, so my gratitude runs as deep as our friendship. I only hope I can return the favor.

6. I have ‘Bee’. There were days when I knew I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had bolted out the door. Yet he is still beside me, and not for one moment did I feel a hint of impatience from him. He brought me real food, good movies and books, and all my other favorite things just to nudge a smile from my face. He helped me stay strong. He truly is my anchor.

There goes the top six good thoughts I have at present. I will make it my mission to think of these things every day…and to keep on making the list longer.


What do you think?

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