Note to Self

Written for someone else on 5 February 2010

Good-bye. I never knew you. I wish I did. But I am happy that you have found your peace at last. It maybe an odd way of finding peace, but if it worked for you, then I will try to understand and be glad for it.

Everyone will always ask why you chose this path. I have been asking why myself, and for a couple of days it filled my mind. But I know now I shouldn’t. I know now I shouldn’t be looking for reasons, because I will not find them. I’ve learned that there are things in other people’s lives that only they can understand and know. I’ve learned that those places only they can reach. And even if I had become your friend, and shared with you all the stuff I’ve learned in my short life, I know I could never have made you happy. Only you could have done that.

But hey, that does not stop me from thinking about some things I might have shared with you, all those stuff that make life worth being here. I might have told you that your world is literally bigger than the heat and noise of the city, and invited you to come see the mountains and the seas. There, you might have forgotten your troubles, and realized the comfort of standing before creations that have seen a lot of history and change…Yet there they stand, and the seas still flow. As we all shall if only we choose but to stay.

I might have shared with you the certainty that troubles end. There is a bridge that connects us before problems came to that point where problems get resolved. That bridge is always whole; it may get old and rundown, creaking and wobbly, but it never breaks. All we have to do is cross it. We maybe scared and unsure, but we have to walk until we get to the other side, because there is always the other side at the end.

I might have shared with you that the end always turns out all right whatever happens. All we have to do is believe…All we have to know is we will turn out all right in the end.

…Ah, but such thoughts are behind us, and you have found your rest. So be at peace, my never-friend. We will have to let you go, for you are a bridge we have to cross in that place in us only we can reach. Maybe we will see you on the other side.

For now, we find comfort in the hope that you found your peace in the end.


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