Hello Bayantel!

Since you are in the telephone business, perhaps you should teach your staff some phone etiquette. Your office in SM Naga has security guards answering customer concerns. When I asked if I may converse with a customer service staff, your esteemed guard said they were busy taking care of customers. So those who call up your telephones are not considered customers?

And why are you making security guards answer phone calls? Is that part of their job description? Do you compensate them for taking note of customer concerns aside from keeping your offices safe?

Since I know that is the primary task of a security guard, I insisted to talk to a customer service person, or whomever should be rightfully talking to an irate customer. The guard, insisting as well that the office staff were “busy”, had me hanging for almost a minute. When I asked if there was still someone on the other end of the line, he did the most convenient thing. He hung up.

My parents’ Bayantel phone in Naga City has not had a dial tone for over three days. My mother has reported this matter to your Repair hotline twice.

The hotline said this would be taken cared of within 24 hours. It’s been three days now. Still no dial tone.

Apparently, Bayantel has a different concept of what 24 hours means. Perhaps you are living in a different time zone?

This is not the first time this has happened to our Bayantel landline. Last year, the dial tone went dead. You made the same promise: the matter would be fixed within 24 hours. It took your office SEVEN DAYS to make good on your word. Perhaps you really are operating on a different time zone, or planet.

The telephone is not only some gadget for my aging parents. It is almost a lifeline. They are old and sick. If an emergency happens, they need to be able to turn to a reliable technology to communicate their distress. In this case, the good old landline, as they are not adept with using the cellular phone.

That is why repairing our Bayantel phone, at the time you say that you will, is not only good customer service, it can also be a life-saver.

You should be able to understand, therefore, when this customer demands that you give us the service you tout as “Satisfaction Guarantee” on your telephone directories.

We pay our bills on time, so I demand satisfactory and timely services, too. That is only fair, don’t you think?

Your SM Naga office security guard just texted me to apologize. “…lobat po ang phne twag nlang po kau d2 s cp…” Letting clients know the cause of delays or a cut in phone conversations is part of customer service. Looks like you can pick up a lesson or two from him.

So, what do you plan to do about our dead telephone?

(E-mailed to Bayantel Customer Support on 12 March 2011)


3 thoughts on “Hello Bayantel!

    • Thanks for the reblog! I hope Bayantel sorts out your phone troubles soon! They acted right away when they received this letter. Unfortunately, I had to get pissed first before they did that.


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